The HamilTEN Festival

The HamilTEN Festival is thrilled to be joined this year by our new Festival Director, Carly Popenko.

Please visit us at our new website:

HamilTEN 2018 Submissions

We are now accepting submissions for our sixth annual festival of 10 minute plays by playwrights from Hamilton and surrounding areas.

HamilTEN 2018 happens April 27 to 29 at Hamilton's Staircase Theatre.

Submissions are due on January 8th, 2018. Selected individuals will be notified of inclusion in the festival shortly after that.

Submission Guidelines -
  • Each playwright and/or director may submit only one script - send us your best!
  • We only accept electronic submissions in Word format.
  • We are looking for short plays that run NO LONGER THAN 10 MINUTES.
  • The title page should include the playwright's name, the character list and a brief synopsis of the play.
  • The title page must also include the company's contact name (if different from playwright), address, phone number and email address.
  • Plays should contain no more than 4 characters.
  • Technical requirements should be fairly simple. Your set should also be minimal. We are interested in your stories, not your scenery or special effects. A script that presents itself as tech or set heavy will not be selected for the festival.
  • Musicals, children’s shows, and any unsolicited longer one-act or full-length plays are not accepted and will not receive a response.
  • If selected, each company is responsible to cast and rehearse their own play.
  • A tech person will be provided by HamilTEN for the tech rehearsal and performances.
Companies are not offered any financial compensation for their involvement in HamilTEN, however the festival is a great format to showcase your creative talents. 

HamilTEN is a non-Equity venture and has no association with Canadian Actors' Equity Association.

We look forward to reading your submissions!

Please send them to

The HamilTEN Festival 2017

The HamilTEN Festival is a festival of 10 minute plays by Hamilton area playwrights.

After much consideration, The HamilTEN Festival has decided to take a one year hiatus in 2017. After an extremely successful five year run, Artistic Director Darren Stewart-Jones is taking a leave of absence to concentrate on other projects.

2016 was the biggest and most successful HamilTEN Festival to date. The festival saw sixteen groups take to the stage to present their 10 minute plays at our new home, The Staircase Theatre. We enjoyed our biggest audience turnout yet and were thrilled with the response from Hamilton's theatre-going public. 

The HamilTEN Festival would like to extend a huge thank-you to our playwrights, directors and performers as well as our audience members for a fantastic five year run. We hope to see you back at The Staircase Theatre in 2018.

HamilTEN Festival 2016!

The HamilTEN Festival is an annual festival of 10 minute plays in Hamilton, Ontario. 2016 was our 5th anniversary! We ran April 15, 16 and 17 at our new venue - The Staircase Theatre in Hamilton at 27 Dundurn Street North.

For the first time ever, we had 3 separate blocks of 10 minute plays - Our GREEN, RED and BLUE shows. A total of 16 ten minute plays were performed at the 2016 festival.

 Our 2016 play listings were as follows:

 RED Show
- Friday at 7pm, Saturday at 10pm, Sunday at 230pm

Teach Her My Name by Michael Kras
Caleb and Rita by Jessica Moss
Roommate Required by Liz Buchanan
I, Sandwich by Carly Popenko and Jason Lamb
Choices by Rex Emerson Jackson

- Friday at 10pm, Saturday at 830pm, Sunday at 1pm

Turtle Beach by Aoise Stratford, directed by Mary Rose
Eli, The Musical Guy by Kevin Somers
Half Price Karate by Devin Bateson and Matthew Surina
Nina by Douglas Lintula
Human Galaxy by Jessica M. Keenan, directed by Andrea Pohlmann
JT by Bryan Boodhoo

- Friday at 830pm, Saturday at 7pm, Sunday at 4pm

Out of the Pan by Josh Downing 

Sunshine Steps by Sondra Learn
A Terminal Journey written by Jessica Anderson
Faith by Joe Amero and Mike Lukas
The Queue by Katharine Albers

Our audience favourite awards for 2016 went to:

Caleb and Rita by Jessica Moss - GOLD Award

Eli, The Musical Guy by Kevin Somers - SILVER Award

A Terminal Journey by Jessica Anderson - BRONZE Award

Congrats to all for a wonderful 5th anniversary festival!

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HamilTEN Festival 2015

The HamilTEN Festival is a festival of 10 minute plays by playwrights from Hamilton, Ontario and surrounding areas. With more script submissions than we've ever had previously, HamilTEN 2015 was our biggest festival to date. The 2015 festival was comprised of ten 10 minute plays.

Our line-up for 2015, in no particular order, was as follows: 

The Bridge  Written by Jessica Anderson  Directed by Ryan Sero

Conversations with a Capital “A”  Written by Robin Sadavoy  Directed by Nastazja Palonka

Tyson  Written by Kevin Somers  Directed by Laura Ellis

Appearances  Written and directed by Katherine Albers

Evinrude Fabio  Written and performed by Colette Kendall

Barbershop Trio  Written by Blending Reality Productions  Directed by Karyn Pietsch

Pee & Qs  Written and directed by Josh Downing

The Hourglass  Written and directed by Francesca Brugnano

Saint Catherine of Ontario  Written by Bryan Boodhoo  Directed by Luis Arrojo

A Matter of Negativity  Written by Sean Hurley  Directed by Gary Santucci

The Audience Favourite award for 2015 went to Jessica Anderson for The Bridge.

HamilTEN Festival 2014

HamilTEN is a festival of 10 minute plays by playwrights from Hamilton and surrounding areas. 2014 was our 3rd annual festival!

Our line-up for 2014 was as follows:

Dream Home - Written by D.J. Podetz  Directed by Patti Cannon

The Audition - Written & Directed by Greg Moverley

Conversations in French Arithmetic - Written & Directed by Bryan Boodhoo

A Devil of a Detail - Written & Directed by George Marciniak

One Woman Show - Written by Krista McNaughton & Laura Ellis  Directed by Tyler Brent

Friendly Fire - Written & Directed by Enid Aaron

What Ida Said - Written by David Bateman & Philip Cairns, Directed by Durango Miller

Future Tense - Written & Directed by Francesca Brugnano

Our Audience Favourite Award went to Future Tense by Francesca Brugnano. Bravo!


HamilTEN Festival 2013

The HamilTEN Festival is a festival of ten minute plays by playwrights from Hamilton, Ontario and surrounding areas.

A ten minute play is a streak of theatrical lightning. It doesn't last long but it should hit its mark!

We returned to The Pearl Company for our second annual festival with a little drama, some comedy and a bit of improv to spice things up.

Our line up for 2013 included:

Things Unsaid - Written by Sara Weber, Directed by Stephen Near

She Said, She Said (Improv) Written & performed by Krista McNaughton & Laura Ellis

John Thompson Reads the Phone Book - Written by Ryan M. Sero & Jody Sero

Double Date - Written by Colin Futrell, Directed by Lance Darren Cole & Colin Futrell

The Bag Lady - Written by D. J. Podetz, Directed by Patti Cannon

Here's Hoping - Written by Kevin Somers, Directed by Ryan M. Sero

Our Audience Favourite Award for 2013 went to Here's Hoping by Kevin Somers. Congratulations!